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Friday, August 2, 2013

Best Secondaries in the NFL

In todays pass attack style offenses, having a good secondary might be the difference between winning or losing games. However, since there have been a lot of off season moves for many NFL teams in the secondary, we are going to take a look at seeing which teams will most likely be dominating in the secondary.

120925-chancellor-480.jpg (480×300)1. Seattle Seahawks- This is by far the most intimidating  group in the NFL that knows how to shut down opposing offenses in the pass attack. Richard Sherman emerged as one of the greats in the group and Brandon Brower is a threat as well. Kam Chancellor does well in pass or run attack and the depth in this group is incredible. The best part? They are young and next year will have a better pass rush. Watch out NFL.

2. Kansas City Chiefs- You might be surprised that they are so high up there, but they made some very solid off season moves that will surely help this group next year. Brandon Flowers does a very good job of covering opposing players and Sean smith was a big free agent addition that puts this group over the edge. Dunta Robinson is a great insurance policy for this group and as long as Quentin Demps keeps being a solid player then this group will continue to be very good.

Carlos+Rogers+New+York+Giants+v+San+Francisco+KmVTnxEpKgGl.jpg (594×411)3. San Francisco 49'ers- I would have placed these guys higher, but age is starting to hit this group and last years playoff/super bowl woes hurt this team. Even so, it is a very good group that makes offenses quiver. Chris Cullivers injury will hurt this team, but the addition of Nnamdi Asomugha will be huge for depth reasons. Carlos Rogers maybe getting older, but I still think he will be effective and the drafting of Eric Reid I think was a great investment. As long as the injury bug does not keep going around, then I think this group will do wonders this season.

4. Denver Broncos- Same pretty much goes for Denver as it does for San Francisco, would have placed them higher, but they have the same issues San Francisco currently has. Champ Bailey is awesome, but he looked slow late in the season and in the playoffs. They added Rodgers-Cromartie as well, but it looks like he is down with injury, so that will hurt. The addition of Quentin Jammer will help with depth and overall it is a solid group. However, like most of the Broncos, they are getting old so they will need to preform this year or else...

Asante+Samuel+Dallas+Cowboys+v+Atlanta+Falcons+DhveWa9-m0yl.jpg (594×392)5. Atlanta Falcons- I have to admit, it was hard to decide if this group deserved to be this high, but its an impressive group nevertheless. Asante Samuel might be getting old, but he proved last season that he can still be a very good player. I really loved that they drafted Desmond Trufant because the guy can play. William Moore needs to step up a little more, but is still a good player to have on your team. It is a boom or bust group, but I think for next year it will be a boom. After that age will start to kick in for this group in my opinion.

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